Saturday, December 16, 2006

20 Short

Dave and I tried to finish the Christmas Cards tonight...and we were 20 short! How did I underestimate by 20? Anyway, maybe I have more friends this year! I am taking this as a good sign. So, if you are a friend of mine, and your last name is towards the end of the alphabet...(Tara Znoj!!!)...then you'll need to wait a bit before receiving Christmas cheer in your mailbox from me. My goal is to make and send them Monday. Wish me luck!


Jacqueline said...

Hey Robyn! I love your site. I'm going to keep checking it! I am in card trouble too! I just sent out a batch today and have about 20 more to make and write :-( ahhh so the end of the alphabet will also be getting some late cheer from me as well but I'm determined to get them out tonight!!

Robyn said...

You'll be better than me! I haven't gotten to it yet! I am hoping that tomorrow I can do it!