Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

It's 10:22 as I write this. And I am here, at home on New Year's Eve. I live in New York, but going to Times Square would mean: finding and hiring a babysitter, finding and hiring a babysitter that would have been available all day (people camp out a while to get the good spots) and buying a pack of Depends. The bathrooms to people ratio is not great. And once you are in those crowds, even if you did know where a bathroom is, and if there was space available in the bathroom itself, getting through the crowd to the bathroom is near impossible. So, I'll watch the ball drop on TV like everyone else. And use my own bathroom, when needed.

Anyway, in tribute to a not-so-cool New York New Year's is this cool New York moment scrapbook page. A fun afternoon spent wandering Soho this summer... and using the Mac store bathroom. They do have the best bathrooms in Soho. It's funny how much that stuff matters.

Happy New Year!

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amy said...

It's 1:50 PM now amd I can't sleep so I decided to read my e-mail. Jerome and I stayed home and decided to watch the ball drop on television. But, I fell alseep while putting Charles to sleep 15 minutes before the midnight. Bummer, I missed the whole ball drop event. But, I gotta say, watching the ball drop live in person in Times Square was really fun (did it when I was in High School with my friends). With 2 kids is really hard to go anywhere.
Hummm, never thought of wearing depend. : )