Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank You TeleTubbies



I have been thinking about this for weeks. To cut or not to cut. I sometimes like the way his hair flips over his ears...but sometimes he looks a little shaggy. But, this morning I was inspired. With family coming tomorrow, I wanted to get it over with before I cleaned! So, all the forbidden things came TeleTubbies, and the the thermometer (I know, odd, he LOVES the thermometer). He was distracted enough to let me snip a bit. Handsome lad!

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Firefly said...

This haircut reminds me of the story of Samson, in which snipping the locks changes some intrinsic characteristic of the person.

Before the haircut, Andrew looks like a shadowy, rather crazed character. After, he looks like a docile, charming little boy.

I should have made you use those scissors on my hair while I had the chance.