Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What do you do?

It was a tough day. I was trying to get these cards done so that there is a chance these folks will get yuletide greetings before Christmas has come and gone. But, someone Small and Slimy was teething ALL DAY. He kept climbing all over me and the chair I was sitting on. Thinking he was tired, I put him down to nap, but he just talked to his stuffed animals for an hour with no nodding off. So, I put these cards together, while on edge, listening to him not sleep. When I finished the cards, I looked down at them and realized that I didn't particulary like them. Opps. Nevertheless, they are ready to go. Not sure how I would have done this differently. I think I should have forgone the card making, tended to my son, avoided getting stressed about it, and sent New Year's cards next week. One of life's lessons learned.


Tara said...

Dill, if the card you are sending me is even better than this one, then I'm going to seriously love it. I love this card. Good job my little apprentice who taught herself everything because I deserted you a long time ago. Love the blog too. Love, TARA

Robyn said...

Thanks Tara! You are so nice! and I don't feel so deserted. BUt I would love it if you took up the stamps again! :)