Sunday, January 7, 2007

Alter Ego

It must be said: I love football.

Often I feel like the stereo-typical mom. Baking cookies, scrapbooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. My hair looks very 'mom' today. The top tied back, the bottom flipping over my shoulders. I am even wearing cute socks.

But, like most people, I have an alter ago. I have loved football since my mother (a June Cleaver type...cleans the house in a dress) introduced me. And I secretly admire that shock value. This is how most people find out:

Me: So I was watching the Dallas game the other day...
Other: Dave likes football? (This would be shocking it itself. Dave doesn't know a football from a hockey puck.)
Me: No, I like football.
Other: YOU watch football?
Me: Yep. Love it!
Other: How did you get into football?
Me: My family watched it when I was growing up.
Other: So your dad loves football too?
Me: Well, sorta, it's more my mom that is really into it.
Other: YOUR MOM?!?!

I love that.

So here I am cute socks, mom hair, making this scrapbook page about the Halloween parade my son was in (wearing a costume that I made, by the way), and loving that New England just beat the Jets. My sibilngs seemed to have been scarred by our football Sunday tradition and both hate the game. But I somehow avoided the scarring and embraced the game. I think it is smart and interesting and exciting.

But I do add my own mom edge to it.

I root for the team with the cutest quarterback.


Goes On Runs said...

would that be tom brady or peyton manning? i put my vote in for tom!

Robyn said...

I like Peyton a bit more. He seems shy and nice. I like shy and nice. :)

Goes On Runs said...

i like shy & nice too but then that is only the wisdom of marriage talking - i liked the "bad" boy prior...ya know - my younger, foolish days! loved the cookies! i relented in sharing ONE with my family :) thank you for sharing your wide array of talents with us.

Robyn said...

Glad you got them. I was afraid your MIL was going to make off with them! :) She's a sweetheart!

Jacqueline said...

uggg football. I'm trying but I just can't sit there forever watching this game on tv (or any sports on tv for that matter). Maybe it's because I don't know all the rules or maybe it's because when I looked at the game clock last night it said 12:24 mins remaining and then 20 mins later there were still 8:24 mins remaining.

I went to see my friends' baby last night and I guess watch the game. There were six of us there and I was the only one who had to pull out her book! But I paid enough attention to know that TO didn't catch many passes in last night's game (what are they paid for??) and much to the crowd's dismay, Dallas didn't win. Oh and someone, who is going to the Pro Bowl, flubbed the ball during a kick.

Robyn, maybe you can get me involved more in football the way you paved the way for stamping ;-) See you soon!!

camport said...

no football for me, but your baked goodies, how awesome! And the costume, I could stuff!

momto3 said...

Sister says no to football- but I do love hockey. Well- somtimes I get tired of it. I am a hockey widow you know. (too much of it in our house)

You are too talented for words!

Marlorie and Joshua said...

you are just full of interesting talents!! i had no idea!