Wednesday, January 3, 2007

January Class

This is the card that I will be making with folks for my January card making class. I designed it last night while watching Bridget Jones' Dairy: The Edge of Reason. Not a bad movie. Definitely a crafting movie. I have a small shelf of DVDs that I like to watch sometimes when crafting it up. All of them are fairly light, easy to follow plots, and total chick-flicks. My Best Friend's Wedding, Hope Floats, Never Been Kissed, You've Got Mail, etc. Anything really with Meg Ryan. Lately I have been all movies and no books. Uh oh. I think that that is part of the whole holiday hootin-nanny. Watching movies with friends:not rude. Reading in front of friends while friends sit and watch: rude.

So tonight I am on the couch with Tuesdays with Morrie and loving it!

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