Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We are a quirky family. It's true. We really can't deny it. The only choice is to embrace it. So, we embrace it.

When I met Dave he was the class clown. Everyone on our college campus knew who he was. He was the funny guy in the Snack Shop or the one that was doing crazy stunts, he was the one that when you went through the food line, he had your order totaled even though there were 3 people in front of you. Smart, funny, loveable. Dave.

He also played accordian. He tried to major in it, but the music department didn't recognize the accordian as a 'serious' instrument. So, instead he signed up for chapel band. He would stand on stage twice a week leading us all in singing songs like "My Jesus, My Savior" and "Our God Is An Awesome God". He was in a group with guitar players and pianists and drummers and other 'typical' praise band types of folks. The chapel band was cool. They were those cool, confident types. Dave added a new dimension. A silly one.

Be still my heart.

The accordian doesn't get much action lately. City living and tight quarters are not ideal for loud instruments. But, on the morning shown in these photos, it came out. Dave and Andrew were waiting for me to put the final touches on Church Robyn and they got it out for some fun.

I can't help but think Andrew is a lucky guy. Babes that have experience with accordians are few and far between. But more importantly, I think, I hope, that Andrew will grow up to appreciate the silly, delight in the wierd, and feel good about it.

If we are lucky, he might end up a little wierd himself.


Goes On Runs said...

i think the cards are in his favor to end up just a bit left of center..... it is almost unavoidable. :) what a relief...another weird kid out there. micah will always have friends.

Goes On Runs said...

one final thought.....if i a tractor can be sexy, why not the accordion. i say teach andrew the accordion....i think it will be coming into style soon.