Thursday, February 1, 2007

Someone was creative today

but it wasn't me.

Andrew and I cut naptime short to meet some friends at the Children's Museum of Art. It is the perfect place for a late afternoon playdate. Free after 4 (on Thursdays). Near Dad's work in Chinatown (which has a parking space just for me...well, sort of...). And a nice little gift to Andrew. He draws with chalk on tables that have been painted with chalkboard paint. He builds with clear, colorful blocks at the light table. And his favorite. The ball corner. They walled off a corner of the place and filled it with giant excercise balls. He loves them. Climbing over them, crawling under them, face planting into them. Loves them, loves them, loves them. We just have to wait a bit for the older kids to finish in there before we venture in.

That's it for creativity today.

Andrew is sleeping. Dreaming of giant exercise balls.
Hoping to go again next week.

I hope we do too.