Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'd like to explore this 'why' question again.

I recently sent out pictures of my son playing with a camel on wheels at his little toy garage. I told the picture-receivers that Andrew has adopted our family motto: Make do. When there are not enough cars, use the camel on wheels! A friend wrote me back and told me that the family motto should be: Make. Do.

I like that idea. I love to make. Bread, cookies, cards, scrapbook pages, quilts, dinner. It makes me feel strong and creative. I love when, in the process of making, I come upon a challenge: I ran out of eggs, or this square won't fit, or I didn't print any 5x7's. And then I figure out how to solve the problem. Make. Think.

I also love the love part. Sending love in the mail. Wrapping people in love quilts. Saving memories of love. This is the vunerable part. And I have definitely been burned by this: feeling like I over-did it, or under-did it, or shouldn't have done it. But when the love given and the love received are a good fit and make sense and bring joy...that makes me so happy. Make. Love.

And I love what all of this brings out of me. I learn about science in my kitchen, practical science that I will use over and over. I learn about aesthetics when the paper and ink come out. I learn about math with fabric: sizes and shapes, but also weights and angles. I love building on and using that body of knowledge. Make. Learn.

So, even though somedays, I feel like these are silly hobbies and that I play too much, in the end, it is absolutely worthwhile. Good for me, good for others.

Make. Think. Love. Learn. Do.

and sometimes 'why'.


Paula said...

Absolutely nothing in this world is silly if you derive pleasure from it.
Enjoy your creativity.

Jan[n] said...

Love the concept.... Make. Do. Simple -- concise -- complete.

Gigi said...

soooo cool! great manifesto! & btw...loved seeing the pic in your profile of my old stomping grounds - the promenade - gosh i miss red zinger iced tea from lassen & hennings on montague st....happy creating!