Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Confessions of a bad mommy

Andrew is sick. He was up last night with a high fever. He was breathing all pant-y and spent a lot of the night in between Dave and I.

That has never happened.

As much as we would love for Andrew to snuggle up with us some mornings (and tough nights) he won't. He is a crib-only guy. Which, I suppose, is what we'd like and what we taught him. But, when it's a rough night, it is so much easier if he is nearby (the crib is all the way at the END of our bed!). So, he took turns sleeping on my tummy, Dave's tummy and in between us. I don't think anyone slept well.

But the thing is, that I like it when he is sick. I think the mommy hormones go into overload because I feel extra maternal. It's a day when Andrew will snuggle. When we both slow down. When we are more in tune to each other. It's a day for sweat pants and apple juice. And a day that I thank my lucky stars, all day, that I am home to be here for him. That I have a husband that supports my stay-at-home-ness, is willing to give up small (and big) luxuries, and makes it work for us financially.

A good day.


Tara Whalen said...

I hope you feel better soon Andrew.

Goes On Runs said...

i never want him to be sick, but it is the only real snuggle time i get. he is cuddly and sweet....and needs me like he hasn't since being an infant. they are sweet days.

Susan said...

I think you made a typo when you titled this post. Shouldn't it say something like, "Confessions of a great mommy"? I bet that's what Andrew is thinking.

Ji-Eun said...

My poor Andrew! :(