Friday, March 2, 2007

Confessions of a Blogger

I took 56 pictures of these cookies.

Thank goodness for digital cameras.

See, there was no sunlight this morning and the flash was doing me wrong. My cookies looked sickly. And, really, they are anything but. But I kept snapping, thinking: well, maybe this angle is THE angle.

What is it in us that clicks with aesthetics? WHY does one look better than another? Sometimes I think I do most of my creative stuff by feel. When it feels right, I've got it. I know some creative principals and they are helpful and useful, but the fact that there are creative principals seems so wild to me. It seems contradictory. Rules for creativity. Isn't creativity where we shirk rules? Save that stuff for math and science?

I guess not.

But I have always been one to thrive within boundaries.


Tara said...

I can relate - I don't know if my anal retentiveness is good or bad for my creativity. I think it works for me for the final product - it just takes me way too long to get there.

Robyn said...

but yo! Your final projects are AMAZing!!

You know it. :)

Susan said...

I find that rules and my perfectionist personality trip me up with some things: quilt making, needle work, any sewing. But, cooking--doesn't bother me at all. With cooking and baking I'm able to look at it all as a learning experience. Why can't I transfer that positive attitude to other creative endeavors? Maybe because scones with way too much butter are still pretty darn good, so we eat them and then the mistake is gone . . .