Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Little Chat

So, Andrew is not much of a talker yet. He'll be 2 in June and he has maybe 15 words. He has a little friend who is about 2 months older who practically gave a sermon on baptism on Sunday during his brother's Christian rite of passage.

Well, he said "baptism!" and I was impressed.

Andrew says mommy, daddy, up, juice, apple, shoes, socks, hat, truck, etc.

We've been working on 'please' for months. Months. I tried teaching him please in sign and he would just cry at me. I would try to get him to say to say "eeeee" or "eeees" to no avail. It would frustrate him entirely. Even the suggestion at trying the loaded word would turn Andrew into a crying lump on the floor, at the end of his rope.

Once Dave was eating a cookie and Andrew wanted a bite. "Say please!" "wahhhhh!!!!" "No Andrew, say please!" "WAHHH!!!" Then, like good grown-ups we tried modeling. Dave turned to me, "Do you want a cookie?" and I responded "please!" Then Dave gave the cookie to Andrew and told him to bring it to me.

And he did.


So, what would we do? It depended. Sometimes we would drop it and give him some cookie. Other times he wouldn't.

Tonight we ordered Indian take-out. We had all finished and I was drinking my mango lassi. Andrew points to the cup and clear as a bell says, "please!"

What's a girl to do?
Needless to say, he finished the lassi.


Tara Whalen said...

What a good boy! Good job Andrew.

Tara said...

a great moment in parenthood. he probably knows lots of words - he's just keeping you in suspense, and using them strategically.

Tara Whalen said...

Good job, your a very good boy. Love your cousin, Dillon.

Lynne.x said...

Hi Robyn, great blog.
Thanks for visiting my Blog, hope you visit me and the Daring Card Makers Girls again soon.