Monday, March 26, 2007

Restless Brain Syndrome

Things I am thinking over today:
1. I need a haircut. It's time.
2. Dave might buy a car today.
3. Andrew has been acting up.
4. My cousin came for dinner last night. I have never had a cousin come for dinner. I should feed my cousins more.
5. I just bought some fun skin care stuff.
6. There was work when I thought there would be none, and no work when I thought there would be.
7. Our drying rack broke. I need to go to Target.
8. Journaling is really good for me.
9. This new sweater might have a neck line that is a bit low for my prudish tendencies.
10. I wish my sister lived closer than 1803.4 miles.

What is strange is that #2 and #5 have surprisingly equal weight in how much I have thought about them.

Ahhhh vanity. How I love thee.

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