Friday, March 16, 2007


I love to scrapbook. But, I think it gets a bad rap. I feel a little uncomfortable saying that I "scrapbook". It sounds cheesy. and...I like sounding cool. So much so, I often insert 'dude', 'yo' and 'word' into my conversation. More for the irony effect than anything.

But, hey. This is pretty cool stuff. I was thinking about this yesterday when I posted the 'page' I made about our friend Ji. She is a really important person to our fam. I have learned so much from her and I love the relationship she has with Andrew. She is one of those friends that is every much your kid's friend as she is yours. I love that I now have evidence of our relationship in the family treasury. I love that. Documenting relationships. Documenting what we learn from others. Getting down the little moments. It might seem silly that I made a whole scrapbook page about Andrew feeding my folks' dog, but in a few years, it will totally be a "oh yeah" moment. More than what he wore on Easter, or the way our Christmas tree looked. It was such a sweet moment and represents Andrew's mischeif, Dixie's gentle way with Andrew AND Andrew's love for limas (because he wouldn't share those).

Scrapbooking makes me slow down. Makes me look at Andrew longer. Makes me take more pics. In a nice way it connects my past with my future. I know that the Future Robyn, the Future Dave and the Future Andrew will love that I did this. And I love doing it now.

I just wish it sounded cooler. a little more edgy.

You scrapbook?



Tara Whalen said...

I don't care what any one says...that is one beautiful page!

Goes On Runs said...

i scrapbook....mac style :)
i've gone digital....not that i every scrapbooked non-digitally. you make beautiful pages.

Laura said...

I have the first year of the kids pictures in a box with full intentions of scrapbooking me please! Then the next 1 1/2 years of pictures are still digital. Pathetic. I'm so disappointed that I haven't done anything to remember everything they've done. I'd love some advice! You've done an amazing job and you ARE cool!
Laura Galt

Ji-Eun said...

Why must you make me cry?