Saturday, April 14, 2007


Last night I went to play with some friends in their cooler neighborhood. I parked my car and as I was walking to their apartment I had a total city moment. I didn't realize that I haven't had a city moment like this in a long time, until I had it. The street was crowded with young people. Cars were buzzing around. It was noisy, but a friendly noisy. A happy noisy. Everyone was Friday night-ing. My friends live upstairs from a restaurant and there were groups outside chatting. It felt safe and happy.

Today we wandered around NYU. Again that happy energy. A lot of really young people. Tattooes. Piercings. Vegetarian restaurants that serve "chicken" parmesean. I love Spring in the city. It's really nice. The weather brings people together and reminds me about the size and diversity and happy stuff of the city.

If you don't live here, come visit.
It's time.

Yeah, New York.

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