Saturday, April 28, 2007

Musings this morning

When you live in the city, one of the drawbacks often mentioned is the lack of nature. Well, that is one of the drawbacks that I am always mentioning.

Anyway, if you live here long enough, Nature comes to you.

We have lived in several apartments during our 5 years here and after about a year, nature settles in and discovers what a good thing you have going on. Nature loves crumbs that your toddler leaves, water from that drippy pike, and the warm snuggy blankets heated by the over-zealous radiators.

It all goes too far when Nature dashes across your kitchen floor when you go in later for ice cream.
That nature I can do without.

Now I wonder if I leave the city, will I miss all this nature?

*the only nature involved in the making of this Cherry Granola Bread was of the plant variety (well I guess a cow forked over some milk, and a chicken an egg), but no small furry bits of nature helped (or were harmed) in any way.


Tara said...

That little four-legged nature (totally not a fan!), unfortunately will still find you when you leave the city - they just might be a little cleaner.

Tara Whalen said...

And if it is not the four legged kind... it could be a two legged one with 5 little eggs on your front door.

Then again, a squirrel did move into the bird house on our tree.

A little bird here
A little squirrel there
Nature, Nature everywhere.