Sunday, April 22, 2007

Naughty Baby

Lucky for you, my readers, as I was about to write all about life as a balanced scrapbooker, Andrew reminded me of a more entertaining (though slighty shocking) topic. He was having "quiet time"...which has been our nap situation his crib. Quiet time has been his time to practice jumping, singing and perfecting his fake sneeze.

Today, though, during quiet time, he was practicing saying his new word, sit. Which, unfortunately never sounds like 'sit'...if you know what I mean.

This has lead to some slightly embarrassing situations, as you can imagine. The other night, we had friends for dinner.
Me: Andrew, say 'hi Ji!"
Andrew: oh sit.
Me: No Andrew, say 'hi'.
Andrew: oh sit.

Inserting the 'oh' in front is a bit troublesome and would lead you to believe that we swear like sailors. Which we don't. Well, sometimes under extreme duress something might slip out when little ears are out of the room. We are fairly mild mannered with that sort of thing.

You would never believe it, though if you heard Andrew say his other new word.


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