Friday, May 11, 2007

It all started yesterday

good timing. two packages in the mail. Eddie Bauer and I are quite chummy lately. He keeps sending me things. and. you won't believe this. you really won't. because I didn't. i got cookies in the mail.

holy smokes!!!!

you'd think with all my cookie making hubris friends and family would be frightened off. think it was the last thing I needed. the last thing i'd want. but they'd be wrong.

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. this is what it feels like....I LIKE IT!!!

so thanks to Ms. Sending Me Cookies (Q!!!), good feeling seeped from the moment of cookie reception all the way through today. I had a great day. Eating cookies. Making cards. Getting unorganized bits around here organized. And listening to quiet that can really only come once your toddler is napping. that's right folks. Twice in one week.

should be a good weekend.
here's to cookies in the mail. If you haven't sent out cookies in while, do it.

It's awesome.

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