Friday, June 8, 2007

The Day Before

Today is the day before the Birthday Picnic we are having for Andrew. I love the Day Before. I love the gettin' ready. Making the cupcakes, assembling favors, doing little bits here and there. I get such a kick out of it. I also love the Hours After. The post-party glow. Crazy, right? But I totally get the post party glow. I just love, love, love doing stuff for folks. I also love, love, love celebrating my son. So, this is perfect.

So, let's hope for good weather. Let's hope I don't forget why we're having a picnic. And although I do a lot of this for me, because I love it, because it's my thing, let's hope that I can step out of me a little bit...

and really enjoy myself.

1 comment:

carolyn said...

me gusta your blog and your amazing crafts!! i am obviously not fluent in spanish...yet. but when i do learn to habla mucho espanol, maybe i can habla with you? i read in your blog that you don't particularly flourish in the small talk, but maybe small talk in spanish is another story?
hope your birthday party for andrew is fun!