Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Long Subway Rides and Painting

Today. Not yet over. Big night ahead.

The morning was spent chatting with Super Nice Friend who traveled from the Other Borough (Queens) to help me pack. So Nice. She practically had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get here by 9:30 when we started up the fun. Ok. Not really 4:30. You're right. I was overly hyperbolic. But it is quite an impressively long train ride to travel really not that far at all.

So, amid the chatting we got a good bit of packing done. And Andrew got a good bit of flirting done. Which is important in the scheme of things, I guess. He liked playing "boat" in his old baby bathtub. Funny how much fun old things are when you have not seen them in awhile and they are all covered in dust. So much fun!

This afternoon we tried to meet the guy that was going to install our internet. While we waited, I painted the inside of Andrew's closet. It looked like it needed painting. So, I painted it. It doesn't look that great, even after the painting. But when you open the closet you don't think, "This needs painting", like you might have thought before. So, that's progress, right?

I'm hungry and tired and hot. I think I'll eat and rest and cool off before tonight's shuttling of boxes.

Today I am thankful for running water and air conditionars.

and friends that travel from Queens.

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