Friday, June 1, 2007


I blame the camera for this.

I am a person of extreme routine. I mean, it really is a little much. Every morning I do the "morning chores", usually in the same order. Then work, then lunch, put Andrew down, craft it up, blog, etc. I could tell you what I generally do at given time on a given day. I know, it is totally ridiculous and I really should lighten up.

As a teacher it was perfect. One day I lost my voice and the class ran as smoothly as when I jibber-jabbered away. It was amazing. It made me want to call in sick more.

But as a mother? as a wife? I can imagine all this would get boring and annoying.

Here is what happens when the routine falls apart: I get parking tickets!

See how this is the camera's fault?

If I had my regular work/nap/craft/blog routine going this week I would have remembered that I needed to move the car for street sweeping. But, instead I kept thinking, "ok, what do I do now? Laundry? wait. Do we need bread?" I forgot we owned a car, nevermind we had to move it.

So, buying a new camera, might actually save us money in the long run. Right?
Those parking tickets add up.


Tara Whalen said...

I like how you attached your ghost letters. Pretty cool.

Robyn said...

thanks yo. it looks way better in person. still figuring out the cam.