Wednesday, July 25, 2007


There were many bits of yesterday that were hurried and harried. Trying to get things done before deliveries were made, before the post office closed, before friends came to visit. Today there is a lull. The perfect kind of lull, when you are not bored, because there are things you can do, but the deadline for them is open ended. This morning I finished our shower curtain. I posted a photo of the straps to the shower curtain yesterday. This afternoon I am making Andrew's curtains. They will be funky. They will be a bright and happy green. I love decorating his room because it is suppose to be fun and funky. The rest of our apartment has the faux-grown-up look.

Thinking of contrast:
yesterday's rush and today's calm
bright green curtains and a navy one
a time to craft and a time to work.

I am enjoying the waves of this and that.

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I think you are smart