Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sometimes life feels like when your older sister (or brother, I think they would both do this...) flicks your arm over and over. Annoying. Pesky. But, in the scheme of things, manageable.

It's hot. Flick.
I'm working on a new project at work and feel like I am Mistake Maker Central. Flick, flick.
This new apartment does not feel like home yet. Flick, flick, flick.

All of the things bothering me just need me to apply a little work and some patience and time for things to settle. I can do that. Except that this humidity is making my skin feel like a wet swim suit that I have to sit in all day. And it just won't dry out. I have been showering to dry off the Swim Suit Skin. Surprisingly effective.

It's funny because there is so much that is bothering me. But it is bothering me in the best way to be bothered. I would much rather be bothered and know how to fix it. Know sort of when it will be fixed. Know that it is all so very temporary. I can absolutely manage, even find all kinds of joy, under these circumstances. My spirits are fine. It's when I don't know the hows and whens that my spirit plummets (like when living in the city is getting me down).

I'm just noticing that there are all kinds of stressors and all kinds of coping and some are easier to manage than others.

But, I'll be glad when life lays off the arm a bit.

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Tara Whalen said...

Flick flick.

Just like a big sister to pick on you when you are down.

Love you!!!