Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Little Bits of Here and There

and this and that.

Just when I start to think things will never look just so (or that our toilet will ever work, or our stove, etc.) I find little bits of Progress Made that give me encouragement.

It will all come together and it will be fabulous.

I just need to be patient.
I stink at being patient.
No really. Ask Andrew.


Firefly said...

When I showed my friends, Cuoung and Anne, your blog last weekend, Cuong insisted that you had to have taken photography classes to take such professional looking photos for your blog. Is it true? Have you taken classes?

Robyn said...

Nope. I just look at a lot of photography blogs and learn from cool people, yo.

Goes On Runs said...

progress... what is that? we have made progress in our apartment hunting... what does that look like? it still looks like we don't have anywhere to move. so is that progress? it means i need your boxes just not today. when do you want them out of your house? then we'll take 'em!