Saturday, July 14, 2007


So, Andrew still doesn't say much. His vocabulary is growing all the time, but most of sentences are strings of jargon with a few favorites thrown in. "Mommy, husa husa jaaba juice?" I sort of, completely love it.

Fun to hear.
Fun to imitate.

This morning I was watching him think. He had left his sippy cup of juice in his crib. Now he wanted it. So the thinking began.

First he moved his crib, so that he could get between the crib and the wall. The juice was closer to that side. But the crib is higher on that side. He reached through the bars and got the juice. But the cup doesn't fit through the rails, like his arm does. So, with his arm through the rail holding onto the cup, he used his other hand to start climbing on the side of the crib. Stepping up where the mattress is. He tried to hold up the juice high enough for his other arm to reach it over the top. But it wasn't working. So, plan B.

He dropped the cup and pushed it as far as he could to the other side of the crib. He went around to the other side, and put his arm through the rail and grabbed it. Held it up and since this side is shorter, was able to reach it with his other hand over the top. Triumphantly, he drank his juice.

I was thinking, 'How many kids would have seen the juice in the crib and just gone to get help? What is it in him that wants to try? Wants to problem solve? Wants to think this out?"

I'm not sure what it is, but I wish I had a little.

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Tara Whalen said...

You gotta love a little engine that could!