Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today is deliciously cold. I have on a sweater. Jeans. Socks. I do not want to jump out any windows because of heat induced stress. I have finished off two pots of tea. My mom says all of the time now: 'Does it get any better than this?' And I think that this is must be how she feels when she says that. Except that when she says that she is not rejoicing in socks and tea, but rather her front porch and visiting hummingbirds.

I made this scrapbook page lickity-split. You might recognize the photos and if you were to super-zoom in on the page, you would also recognize the story. This is breakthrough for me. I am using what I document here on 3peas to beef up my scrapbook. It makes sense. Scrapbooking is all about photos and stories and cutie whatnot. I already had the photos and story. So I printed them out, added cutie whatnot and was done in a flash.

I will use this opportunity to encourage bloggers and encourage non-bloggers to blog. All this is not about have a large following. It's about recording your stories about you and your kids and your socks because they are good stories worth sharing. So, at least start a blog about your kids. Consider it a cheap scrapbook. You can just print it out, put it in a folder and forgo the cutie whatnot.

Unless you find my cutie whatnot inspiring. Then let me know. I can be your whatnot supplier.


Tara Whalen said...

Alright supplier...I need the newest Stampin Up catalog. How can I get one?

Robyn said...

good point. consider it on the way (in a day or two)