Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Every now and then, as most of you know, I get down about the city. Some bouts are worse than others. This one is not too bad, but here it is.

I talked to a friend from Paradise (um, I mean, Massachusetts) last weekend. She made the mistake of mentioning things like The Cheesecake Factory and that she was sitting in her car in a parking lot. Now, I have recovered from my total devotion to The Cheesecake Factory. A few two hour waits and I became less impressed with the place. But I am still a huge fan of parking lots.

Just thinking about her life... The walk from her house to her car. Does she ever say, 'I can't remember where I parked it! Was it 83rd or 84th?' No. She says, 'here is my car. it is in my driveway.' Does she worry about the backup from construction on the road taking her to the parking lot where she will easily park her car? I don't think so. I picture her sailing along. Air conditioner on. Listening to relaxing music.

I have been listening to Nora Jones. I saw her in concert, in New York. I really got into her stuff, in New York. But, she became popular when I was in Massachusetts. She always reminds me of Danvers. Dunkin' Donuts. Walden Pond.

They Might Be Giants has the same effect. And they are from Brooklyn. They have a song about Brooklyn! Doesn't matter. They remind of Salem.

My washing machine woes also encourage the longing. I sometimes convince myself that nothing inconvenient happens in the suburbs. Everything is easy there.

I can tell, this bout of longing will be short lived. I'll bounce back quick. I have a nice place to live. I have great work. I have a car with air conditioning.

And, I think I might be slowly accepting that Starbucks might be better than the Dunks.
Though I might change my mind upon reentering drive-through culture.

I am having a hard time photographing my sewing. It looks so much better in person.

Trust me.

Or better yet, come visit.


Tara Whalen said...

I'm on the way!

I love the puppy.

Is that a real FDNY patch?

Robyn said...

awesome. see you soon. Prepare for humidity, my midwest sister...

I was going to order an FDNY patch. But I found the image on the internet, so I copied it to photoshop and printed it onto an iron-on transfer and viola.

Sorry FDNY. Next time there is a fill-the-boot fundraising, I'll participate...promise!

Tara said...

Dill, this was funny. I have to go out to my car in the driveway now - did I park it by the tree or by the steps to the door? I'm sure I'll find it. Hey - no more CF?!! I'm sad.

Erin said...

Sorry for bringing you down, friend. But life isn't perfect in MA either. In fact my washer isn't working either! I'm stinky too!