Monday, August 6, 2007


I feel like I have not done summer well. I never do summer well, but this year is worse than most. I can't take the heat of summer, but I do absolutely love to swim. I think that summer is best spent underwater. And I have not done that enough. I am starting to feel the crunch. It's August. I should spend more time underwater.

Living in the city, I am often surprised at how quickly the seasons pass. I do a lot of living inside. I think that makes me see less. I see less tulips in bloom. I see less snow on trees. I catch a quick peek of the cherry blossoms and then, they are gone. I love using nature as a calendar to gage the seasons, and I find that hard here. I need to make an effort.

The city has it's own way to define seasons. Restaurants take over sidewalks with outdoor seating when the weather gets warmer. The smells of garbage heaps and bakeries and pizza joints are stronger in the summer. Walking on the sidewalk, you learn to look for small puddles of water, caused by the air conditioners dripping overhead. Avoid the puddle, and you avoid the drip. The music of summer comes from ice cream trucks or the loud music pumping from cars with their windows rolled down.

Seasons and weather absolutely affect things everywhere. I love that. I love the cycle, the change, the variety. But, for some reason, I connect more with nature showing off the change of the seasons than people showing them off. So, I'll make the effort. I'll connect with this summer thing in the way that makes sense to me.

I'll put on my sweet flippin' flops and head for water.
Who's with me?


Tara Whalen said...

The quilt turned out great! Good work.

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