Monday, October 1, 2007


One thing I love about having a small person in my life is the excuses. And by that I mean, the excuses I get away with.

While we were in New England this weekend, my friend and I took Andrew apple picking. But the cold, hard truth is that I wanted to go apple picking. Having this kiddo around gives me all kinds of excuses to enjoy things that I didn't do before I had him. I think that I assumed apple picking is for kids and so, without a kid, why go? But while I was there I was thinking, that is crazy. Andrew absolutely loved it. He filled our bag, ate several while we were out there and engaged in serious pumpkin romping. But, I loved it too. Great photography happens in apple orchards. And it was wonderful to be outside in nature.

There was one woman that went by herself. She wandered among the trees, filled two bags while munching on a Cortland and laughed with passers by.

I wish I was more like that. Living life more openly without hiding behind someone that is three feet tall.

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Loralee said...

Are you serious? I feel like it isn't fall unless I've gone apple picking! Definitely not just for kids! I just put up 10 quarts of apple sauce from what we picked--hopefully Timothy will like apples!