Monday, October 29, 2007

In case you have not noticed

I love Halloween. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the elaborate costumes my mother would make us. It might have to do with living in Salem, Massachusetts for a few years where Halloween is taken very seriously. Or maybe it is because it is great holiday to showcase my crafting. Whatever the reason, I love it.

I love the Charlie Brown Halloween special.
I love the costumes and dressing up small people.
I love fun sized Snickers. and Almond Joys. and Mr. Goodbars.
I love pumpkins. I love decorating with them, cooking with them and carving them.
It's just a great holiday.

In last year's scrapbook, there are 5 two-page spreads (10 pages total) on Halloween (and pumpkin picking, carving, etc.) and I think there are 3 pages on Christmas. I plan to fix that this year with more Christmas fun, but I have a feeling that Halloween will still be quite well represented. No one will ask, "now, did you celebrate Halloween that year?"

We are having a small party Halloween night with some pals in the neighborhood. We'll bum up local business and families for their free candy and then head here for dinner. I spent way too long today researching the perfect Halloween dessert (as if candy were not enough...). And while Andrew napped, I made some small decorations.

I wish I could say I made the pumpkin people holding the banner. But, I can say that I made the banner.

I know, right?

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Seeking La Loba said...

I'm so excited to be coming. :) It's looking spooky.