Wednesday, November 28, 2007

cookies and their monsters

If I were to chose a soapbox to stand on today it would be the one that supports Cookie Monster and Santa Claus in their eating of cookies.

I have heard that folks are trying to persuade Cookie Monster and Santa Claus to make healthier decisions. They have caught on that children across America say to themselves "Would Santa eat this?" before munching on a cookie. I know I do.

I guess all of this bothers me because I feel like it this kind of effort makes it seem like steps are being taken to help our youth and their health, and I just don't think they are the right steps. I find it hard to believe that, unless you have a tricky metabolism, homemade cookies will do you wrong. I firmly believe that a couple of cookies will do you oh-so-right.

So, Cookie Monster, these are for you.

and speaking of large round bellies, why is it the so few people notice mine? This is my daily view of Sprout and close friends and family can barely tell. I'm going for more cookies now. That just might help.


Susan said...

Robyn how many moms do you know who let their kids watch Sesame Street AND make homemade cookies for them? Most of the homemade cookie moms I know do not let their kids see Cookie Monster. Not saying you should can the Monster but, you know, those kids are scarfing Oreos not whatever it is you just made. But I agree that it's all very silly.

And--how many people sit on your face so they can get that angle on your belly?

Robyn said...


geesh. I guess I was comparing angles....

I guess most moms I know let their kids watch Sesame Street (except of course, for you) and I figure that a lot of them make cookies. Do you think I am wrong? Maybe there are less cookie makers than I thought.

I agree. Oreos could do it alone. Those things are jam packed with not good stuff.

I think Cookie Monster eats homemade cookies, anyway. I know Santa does!

Susan said...

I think most moms see cookie making as a major challenge. Maybe I'm wrong. My mom did it, but not with a cheerful attitude and I think she was pretty average or even above average in the domesticity department. How many moms read your blog? Maybe they'll chime in.

Goes On Runs said...

i am all for cookie monster & even oscar. i mean who isn't a grouch every once in a while?!

and as far as homemade cookies - you set the bar high! it is so good to be reminded that homemade anything is always better than the alternative. thanks for being that example & delighting in this job!

Robyn said...

Thanks Kathy!

Tara Whalen said...

I am with Goes for a Run. I often get the grouchies and a good homemade cookie always hits the spot! Store bought cookies just don't do it for me.

Love the rising bun in the oven =)

Robyn said...

wait! I have more to say! I should be working...

I LOVE the grouch too! I don't think kids look at the grouch and say, "I should be grouchy" I think they learn how to handle grouchy people.

Andrew calls the Grouch, "Trash". I love it.

Firefly said...

I had never before considered the level of refinement of either Santa Claus or Cookie Monster's palates before today. Thanks for cluing me in, Robyn. Next time I'm choosing a cookie, I'm going to ask myself "What would Cookie Monster eat?"

On a different note: Having just seen you yesterday morning, I believe that photo of your belly has been doctored. Or else that pizza slice Monday night produced a miraculous growth spurt (I am wicked glad I didn't eat any).

Firefly said...

On second thought, I think I'll invest in the idea that a belly can look pregnantly round from the belly owner's vantage point, and taut as a dancer's from the side view. I'll keep that in mind on the days I'm disheartened by my belly. "I bet I look hot from the side," I'll say to myself.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have seen you in the last weeks and I think you are making your tummy bigger in the picture then it really is.
Did you lean back and stick your tummy out and then take the picture?
I bet you did :) :)