Thursday, November 15, 2007

a good day.

today is a good day because:

1. Andrew walked in the dining room this morning with a "I'm coming!" warning. He was carrying a lego cake. "Cake!" he says. and then "Happy Diaper!" I don't think any of those has to do with him knowing that today should be any different than any other day. But it sure was cute.

2. I got this:

3. and this:

4. A friend made me Korean birthday soup. Andrew and I gobbled it up!

5. It's raining. A snuggly, gentle day.

6. There is an ice cream cake in my freezer that I have not cut into yet.

7. I recently told a friend that it seems like she has a pocket full of good quotes to pull out and use when needed. She emailed me a pocket of 30 quotes that I plan to put to good use.

8. Lots of cards and well wishes and emails coming my way making me

9. smile a lot

10. Andrew wore his yellow firefighter rain coat today.

Thanks everybody!!!