Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas and Easter

Sitting in church this morning I was thinking about Easter. I realized that I tend to do this. At Christmas I look forward to Easter and at Easter I look forward to Christmas. I usually attribute this to my love of anticipation. The anticipation of Christmas is almost over (or incredibly heightened....depending on your perspective), so, I begin thinking about the other big holiday. This happened last week at church too.

Last week I was thinking about Sprout and the possibility that Sprout might be a girl. I have been nervous that Sprout might be a girl from before the time s/he was conceived. Girls seem like a whole other life form. A new puzzle to solve. And I feel like I know a lot about the boy puzzle least the baby boy puzzle. They jump and run and laugh and sleep and eat a lot of food. Well, at least Andrew does. So I was sitting in church a week ago thinking about Easter when I was struck by the idea of Easter dresses. If I had a girl I would make her Easter dresses. Now, this might seem obvious to you, as it now does to me, but at the time it was a fairly groundbreaking revelation. Easter dresses. Bows. Pig tails. A girl might be okay. A girl, might even be right up my ally. I could do girl.

Today I was sitting in church, looking at the Christmas tree and again found myself thinking of Easter. I started to get frustrated with myself. I should be enjoying the moment. Enjoying the season. Stop thinking about Easter dresses and start thinking about Christmas cookies. Slow down. This anticipation thing is a little much.

And then I realized as I looked around that the church was sort of set up to remind you of Easter. Behind the Christmas tree is a wall of silk palm branches. There is an enormous cross hanging on the wall behind all of the action. The stained glass windows depict various stories that are tied to Easter. Of course you are thinking about Easter. There are reminders of Easter all over. Therefore maybe it is not so bad. Life, seasons, traditions, it is all cyclical. The cycles are good. The cycles have meaning. It's all okay.

So, Merry Christmas my friends.
and Happy Easter too.

These photos were taken at the Natural History Museum. It was a rainy day so our plans to go see the lights at the Bronx Zoo were replaced by a trip to the museum to see very festive dinosaurs.


thedanceofthegates said...

I think that is the most Eastery Christmas tree I have ever seen (the top one) -- it's beautiful.

I hope if you have a boy that you still make him an Easter outfit. I would like to see your handiwork.

Also, I ate a lot as a little girl. I would eat dinner at my house around five, then go to my neighbor's and eat their seven o'clock dinner. So there's hope for your (possible) little girl. ;)

Firefly said...

The Easter Christmas tree--what's going on there? It looks like a flying brontosaurus at the lower left, and a giant pastel Chinese finger-trap wrapped around toward the bottom, and two giant crab claws attached a little bit higher up, and then dozens of George Jetson's hovercraft flying up above, and a big halo floating above the whole tree.

What the heck????

Robyn said...

Guys, this was a Christmas tree at the Natural History Museum. It is covered in origami, sillies.