Sunday, December 2, 2007


Last night it snowed! I took Andrew to the window to show him and he pointed to the street and said, 'Rain!' hmmmm....We watched and looked and talked about it for awhile. Then, when I was getting my tea and Andrew was drinking his juice we heard the unmistakable sound of the snow being shoveled! They were taking it away!

Then it was a mad dash for coats, boots and camera so we could get out the door before it was gone. I even left the house without making my bed. Don't tell my mom. Snow will do that to me.

Andrew ran around laughing and kicking snow and showing us things he sees everyday, "Tree!" It all looked so different with a bit of snow added. We were hoping to get our Christmas picture, but it didn't happen yet. More pictures will need to be taken in the next couple of days. A challenge that Dave and I love.

Thanks so much for all of the words of encouragement over the last couple of days. I went and talked to the women that own the store and we discussed the various classes (from 2 years old and up!) and when and how often they would meet. It reminded me of my school teaching days when I would pass out gobs of paint to 27 5 year olds, sit back and let the magic happen. oh yeah. I love this. It was so great hearing from you all. Thanks!


thedanceofthegates said...

After my bummer day I got up early to go to my last day of nursing clinical for the semester. I was feeling rather grumpy because I don't like my clinical instructor very much, and when I went outside, it was raining! My whole day was blessed!

Seeking La Loba said...

I had the same reaction when I woke up, "yay!!!" It was such a shock to see snow sticking to the ground. I never imagined it would get cold enough. I'm still feeling icky--detoxing the way my acupuncturist predicted--so I haven't gone out to play in it yet.

Firefly said...

I am in San Francisco this weekend. It is cold enough to wear my long wool coat and scarf. But no snow in sight, and considering this omission I think to myself, "Thank God!"

But I still think I might be a New Yorker.