Wednesday, January 2, 2008

creative balance

First I would like to apologize to my mother for posting silly photos of her on the internet for everyone to see. If I had her high school boyfriend's email address, I would definitely send him a link. He should know what he is missing. Isn't my mom a hottie? And people say I look just like her!

Sometimes balance makes me roll my eyes. So, I have feeling that the title 'creative balance' might have made you roll yours. All this New Year's, new beginnings, fresh start talk gets a little much. That quest for perfection seems unrealistic, and in a way, imaginary. Aren't we fooling ourselves?

Yes! And that's why I get so much from it!

When something is bothering me (like opening a closet and being buried under a pile of last summer's sand toys) I forgive myself for letting things get so messy by saying to myself, "I should make that a goal." My goals are really a list of my faults. Or at least a list of things I don't like about myself or my life. For some reason, putting them under the category 'goal' rather than 'fault' makes it all easier to swallow and gives me some kind of way to face the faults and see what I can do about them.

So many goals have the theme of balance. We all want balanced lives. It is the ideal. Organized, but comfortable. Busy, but not too busy. Perfect, but flawed.

This same idea often sneaks into my crafting. When I am not quite pleased with something, I'll decide it's something I want to work on. Which in a way seems like a healthy way to handle disappointment. But I guess I am wondering if it is something I hide behind. As though I am saying to myself, "I am really better than this" when, maybe I am not. And furthermore why isn't that okay? Why are these standards so high?

Anyway, I guess we all have little battles that we fight when are doing something we care a lot about. I just wish I won more of the battles.


Susan said...

Because you are right: I'm up to my eyeballs in balance, fresh starts, goals, themes whatever (and I havne't even done my own blogging on the topic!), I'm going to comment on that scrapbook page.

That is such an ugly couch and I think it is so funny that one of the only times your mom "Queen of All Homemakers" appears on your blog she is on that couch. It's at the beach house, right?

Robyn said...

Yes, that's the beach house couch. There's nothing we can do about the beach house decor. It is pretty bad (and very 80's). Good point though. I should post photos of her in her castle.