Monday, January 14, 2008


I have reconnected with a some friends lately that I have not spoken to in a few months. And they have all asked me: "so are you staying in Brooklyn?"

Now, first of all, we really have no choice. We live where Dave has work and right now that is here. He has tried to get work in New England, but nothing really has panned out. So here we are. The answer is the same as it always was. Yes. We are staying in Brooklyn until Dave gets a job in New England. Then we will go on our merry way. But besides the answer being the same, everything else is different. And I am so glad.

We have been trying to leave the city for almost 4 years. And I don't like it when I want something so badly for so long and I can't have it. It's a really hard row to hoe. But something has shifted. I don't want to leave so badly anymore. And I really don't know why.

I think it might be my washer and dryer.

Moving to this apartment has really changed my outlook. I think it helps to hear people walk by, to hear cars and buses and life going down my street. I think it helps to live above an adorable store with friendly women working there that seem to get a kick out of me and Andrew. I think it helps to wave at Sadie as I walk by her alterations store. I think it helps that we are really getting to know a few more people in our neighborhood.

There seems to be a network of friendship being mapped out for us. Close friends that we call and invite over with only a few hours notice. Friends that we are getting to know a little better. And people I hope that we will soon be friends with. I think it is a healthy dynamic to have those layers in our lives: a close circle, a larger circle and the hope of more entering the circle.

So I still hope that New England is where we end up raising our kids. I still hope to one day have a garden and a yard and to be able to get to Rhode Island to my friend's stamping room in under two hours. But I welcome the friendly feelings I have been having for this city.

And I really hope they stick around.


Tara said...

I hope there is a lot of stamping to come in RI (I feel famous when I'm mentioned in your blog! - ummm, unless I'm mistaken, and you have another RI friend with a stamping room)! I gotta get my stampin' groove back first - I'm in a serious creative hole. Looking forward to the day your address is in New England again too.

Robyn said...

Hey anything to get a comment from you, Tara. ;) Come visit by the way! and bring that box you are working on....I can help you finish!

Goes On Runs said...

you seem to be in such a good place. rock on! god is kind....glad the new apartment has been a wonderful thing!