Wednesday, February 13, 2008

adventures in sleeping

Andrew has been in his little bed for about a month. At the very beginning he didn't seem to notice that anything was different. I mean he would tell us "New Bed!!!" and show off his room to visitors and guests. But bedtime looked the same in new bed as it did in his crib.

Then he wizened up.

It started small. He would stay in his bed and pull whatever he could reach into bed with him. Which meant he would pile up his stuffed animals and books all around him. Then he would try a little more each time. First to one toy shelf. Then another. On the night of the stamping party, Dave went to the movies with a friend and I was busy with guests. I could hear that Andrew was awake, but I just heard some singing and talking. I went in later and accidently hit him with the door as I opened it. He was sleeping balled up on the floor behind the door and his room was trashed.

The next night, I left his window open about an inch because of the heat. The next morning we found toys lined up on the awning outside his window.

Last night was a little better. He didn't play. He went right to sleep. On the floor. Dave put him back in bed and later heard him up again. This morning Dave told me he found Andrew sleeping on the floor three times last night and kept putting him back in his bed. My mother tells me that my brother had similar tricks. And I think that Dave's mom has said the same about Dave.

My mother said to give it time. That one day Andrew will realize that his bed really is more comfortable.

I mean it is better sleeping in a nice comfortable bed rather than risk falling asleep by the door and getting hit by it if any parents were to sneak in to check on you.

But some things are slow to learn.


Loralee said...

Don't you wonder what is going through his head as he's doing all those things? What a hoot! Has he seemed more tired during the day from all of his antics?

Deanna said...

Robyn, I lurk on your blog all the time. I find the pictures of your creations inspiring but I have to tell you... I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and reading your blog mirrors our life with our sons. We are experiencing similar events at the exact same time. It is a pleasure to experience it though your words as well! Comforting almost! :)

Robyn said...

Thanks Deanna!

Holly said...

Aiden has been in a "big boy bed" for a quite a while now and when he first started we had the same problems. At one point we literally had to shut the door and lock it so that he would stay in his room and go to sleep. We have had to take toys out of his room so that he didn't get distracted, we've had to put books on higher shelves...the whole nine yards. It does get better. Aiden still gets out of bed quite a bit, he'll sneak into the living room and hide behind furniture thinking we don't see him so that he can "check on us" but at least he's not sleeping right behind the door. Yes, I've hit Aiden w/ the door a few times myself!