Monday, February 18, 2008

great weekend.

It really was. A great New York weekend. A weekend of showing know I love that! First my apartment, then my son, then my neighborhood, and then my city. My parents, traveling from Vermont to be shown off to, were an excellent audience. This morning, as they are driving back and I am sitting with tea at the computer while Andrew plays Mr. Potato Head, my impression is that they had a good time.

The biggest hit seemed to be the food. I only cooked 1 out of 5 meals. As soon as they arrived and complimented the apartment, we whisked them out the door to go to the Bosnian place just down the road. Great, cheap food. Then we walked along the street I live on stopping in bakeries and boutiques and cheese shops. They said the street reminded them of the boardwalk at their favorite beach town. We ate cupcakes at the Cupcake Shop and had an Italian dinner at Casa Calamari.

The next day we went into the city. We took the train (well, a few trains) to the Upper West Side to see the Natural History Museum. Then lunch at a sandwich place and off to admire the architecture at Grand Central Station. Home on the trains, I made pizzas for dinner and then out again to sample those bakeries.

So all these great New York experiences and culture and adventures and I wake up homesick for Boston. I can't really figure out why. But, my guess is that I would trade the cool of New York for being closer to my folks and to see them more.

Even if it meant giving up easy access to good Bosnian.


Lorie said...

Glad they could make it to your house this weekend.

Robyn said...

Can't wait until you guys come, Lorie! ;)

Susan said...

I think it's hilarious that you "went into the city". What were you doing the day before?

Holly said...

Sounds like a great time! Can't wait to hear Vicki's stories too!

Robyn said...

I know Susan, it is funny. I think that is how most of the other boroughs refer to Manhattan. Silly, but it is more urban.

thedanceofthegates said...

I am sooooo jealous of your trains. Driving around L.A. sucks the life out of us.