Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sometimes while watching a movie, or football, I develop a crush. The other night it was Christopher Plummer. Dave and I watched the Sound of Music and I asked Dave, "Is it okay if I have a crush on Christopher Plummer while we watch this?" And he responded with his typical "Robyn!" using his play you're-in-big-trouble voice.

Christopher Plummer plays Georg. And although Georg is sometimes grumpy and mean, he is always handsome, well dressed and quite debonair. And I think Georg owes that to Christopher Plummer. So for a few hours, every few years my little heart smiles at the things Plummer says and does. But, when all is said and done, I am better off with Dave. Silly, funny, sometimes a little stinky, Dave.

I mean, debonair can only get you so far, but silly? Now that can make a girl's heart melt year after year.


Tara said...

You're definitely better off with Dave. Christopher Plummer is 78 years old, and as your friend, I would have a problem accepting that kind of an age difference in a husband for you. Don't argue with me about this. It's done. You're staying with Dave. Don't watch that movie ever again.

Loralee said...

I always felt the same way about that movie. And Harrison Ford in some of his various films. But yeah, our choice of mates are far better than those actors could ever be. Stick with Dave. :)

Susan said...

When Eric and I were dating I found out that his big movie-star crush was Emma Thompson. I decided that I'd found a keeper.