Wednesday, March 19, 2008

how to dye eggs

1. Prepare dyes during quiet time.

2. Add monogram stickers if you want. I wanted.

3. Fetch willing participant.

4. Play with empty egg carton after eggs have been hastily dunked in dye.

5. Negotiate who should get the eggs out of the dye.

6. Admire the results.

I am glad we did this a few days before Easter because he will have egg dye on his hands for a while. He would get the eggs out of the dye by pretending to use the scooper, but really just reaching in and grabbing them. And now a few are cracked...but that's okay with me!


Anonymous said...

I love this :)
Also give Dave my regards hope he is feeling better.

erin said...

Where did you get monogram stickers? It looks like the letter was typed directly onto the egg because I can't see the clear plastic outline. They came out very cool and I want to copy it. Could you share your dye recipe?

Robyn said...


I just used good old fashioned PAAS eye dye with some vinegar and water. For the 'monogram' I just used some letter stickers I had. I put the stickers on, had Andrew do the dunking and then took the sticker off afterwards. PAAS comes with a white crayon that has a similar effect, but I didn't trust myself with making the letters clear enough.

Yeah, yeah!

Firefly said...

Love the 8-ball!