Monday, March 17, 2008


Now, I have told you before, my mom is an amazing cook. She uses her food to love on people, show off and well, to eat well. I love visiting her in part because of the food. I mean, she makes breakfast everyday while we are there! During dinner one night though, she pulled out a retro recipe favorite.

"Oh! I forgot the apple salad!" she says in the middle of dinner.

I remembered earlier seeing a bowl of marshmallows in the fridge and thought: 'Looks like we are having salad with dinner.'

This recipe is one that my mother claims she got from my grandmother from a 1950's cookbook. The salad is made from apples, marshmallows and celery. The dressing is mayonnaise, sugar and lime juice. If that is not a retro salad, I'm not sure what is.

She even jazzed it up a little by using pastel colored marshmallows.

I give Andrew a spoonful of salad and he looks at it skeptically.

He sorts out the marshmallows "Po, Lala, Dipsy and Tinki!"
I guess this time I can't blame him for confusing his salad with the Teletubbies.

So next time you are making salad, and you feel like it needs a little what our grandmothers did: Add a few marshmallows!

You may get teased, but it sure makes for a memorable salad.


Firefly said...

Does your mom make any salads where there are meat chunks suspended in a jello mold?

I am always fascinated by salads that look like that in 1950's recipe books.

Robyn said...

no, I don't remember any with meat in it. But there were lots of jello based salads too.

Those years had all the fun with salad!

thedanceofthegates said...

I like this story. :)

Loralee said...

You know, the first time I had apple (waldorf) salad, the woman who made it used marshmallows too.... I liked it despite the puffy little things, although I like it better without. I have a yummy recipe that uses tarragon and lemon juice and walnuts and well, you probably don't need to know all that. It's good though.