Monday, April 21, 2008


Today is my 400th post. That seems like a lot. A lot of writing. A lot of crafting. A lot of photos. A lot of time.

I am often surprised at time passing. It doesn't make sense. I shouldn't be surprised. That is sort of the design of time. That is just keeps going. It just keeps passing. A year and a half ago I could not imagine having a son about to turn 3. 3 months ago I couldn't imagine being so close to having two children, even though I was 5 and half months into this pregnancy. And although I have experienced 31 April's, 31 shifts from winter to Spring, it still surprises me. We walk around and I marvel at the tiny green leaves getting ready to open up. I can't believe that I don't need a coat. That it really is getting warmer. I want to capture and put it all in a box and keep it around for a few months. This week. This day. Really experience it. See all the flowering trees in Brooklyn. All the tulips opening. Really spend some good time soaking it in. And I can't. In a few days, a few weeks the pink trees will be green and the tulips will need trimming and the leaves will go from a gentle green fuzz to big, dark discs hanging firmly from branches.

But, in a few days and a few weeks good things will happen too. Big things: new people in the family. Medium things: birthday parties. Small things: lilacs and then roses taking their turns to show off.

Ok. I'm going out to soak in what I can.
Join me?

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Loralee said...

I love what you said here--I know exactly what you mean!