Thursday, May 22, 2008

paternity leave


Dave: Andrew! You went poo in your diaper!
Andrew: Pooh and Piglet?
Dave: No. Just poo.

While Dave and Isaac were hanging out making sense of each other.
Dave: Hey! That's a neat trick! You uncrossed your eyes!

Isaac was sitting in his bouncy seat and let out a little cry. Dave came over to see what was up and Isaac was fine.
Dave: What was that? A drill? Were you checking my response time?

I guess you passed the response time test, Dave.

Now for the test on endurance...


Seeking La Loba said...

ah, such a cute family. I'm glad to see Dad's around to help out for a while. We are back and out again for the weekend. CRAZY. :) I look forward to catching up next week, though.

Mama V said...

Dave has THE most expressive eyes!