Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When Andrew was born it took me months to remember my identity. My whole life, all of my waking and sleeping hours were obsessed with my new baby. And not really in a good way. In a panicked, worried, jump-at-every-cry way. I had been replaced by a panicked, worried, jumpy mother.

Well, little by little not only did I remember parts of pre-baby self ('oh, right. I like doing thing like baking cookies! Maybe I'll bake some!') but new areas of hobbies and interests developed and grew and added a whole new dimension to my identity. And I have not looked back.

Isaac's birth has flipped our lives upside-down again. But he has not flipped me upside down. I'm finding that my identity is surprisingly intact. And I think that that is in part because Andrew and Dave and other family are, without knowing it, reminding me who I am.

Just this past weekend, my 8 year old nephew asked me:
"Aunt Robyn, why do you have these books?"
"Because I like to read."
"But, I thought you liked scrapbooking."

And my 7 year old niece picked out a near by house and said,
"I wish we lived here. Then I could go visit Aunt Robyn all the time and we would scrapbook all the time!"

Thanks for the reminder, guys! You're right. I'm a mom and an aunt and I like ice cream and scones. And also, I like to scrapbook.

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