Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Small Town: Brooklyn

It's a funny place where I live. Unmistakably urban. And if you are patient and put in some time, and leave your apartment occasionally, unmistakably small town.

Yesterday the boys and I took the bus to a park. I wanted a place a little less crowded than our closest playground and I didn't want to walk to the park I had in mind. So Andrew and I sat at the bench across the street in front of the mom-and-pop pharmacy to wait for the bus. While we waited a woman carrying a heavy bag sat with us for a few minutes on her way home. The pharmacist came out, said hello to Andrew (by name), and asked about Isaac's birth weight. Andrew jumped around on the sidewalk playing with the metro cards.

We got on the bus and Andrew talked about the bus for the whole ride. He pointed out the seats and the windows and reminded me over and over that we were riding on a bus.

We got the park and he found a little girl to chase around the gazebo telling her over and over that they were in a "zebo". Then we hopped the bus home.

The lines are blurring for me. So many parts of our afternoon seemed really small town: the friendly pharmacist, the gazebo in the park, chatting with a passer by. All of those things could have happened in the small town in Vermont where I went to high school. But now they seem so, so urban to me too.

And I guess that is what I am learning from staying in the same spot for a little while and taking in our neighborhood, is that I do live in a small town, with lots of urban perks.

Or maybe it is that I live in big city, with lots of small town perks.

Anyway, it's not so bad.

And this is what Isaac looks like waking up from his nap.
Sleeping Cutie.


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! He's so sweet and soft and CUTE! All day I have been thinking, "I think I'm really all done being pregnant. I like having my body back." Then you show me this adorable picture and I threw it all out the window!

Loralee said...

So adorable! What a cutie!

As for the small town stuff--I think being in one spot for a while makes a huge difference no matter where you are. Cities and small towns can both be lonely until you know people and are willing to make those brief, albeit very fulfilling, connections with strangers. Then strangers become a little more familiar and you have roots all of a sudden.

I know so many people around here now after teaching for 8 years not to mention growing up here. I can't go to the grocery store without spending an extra ten minutes or so chatting with the several people I'm bound to bump into. And yet, I know people who aren't from around here who feel like they'll never meet anyone or become a part of the community because it's, well, so small. Funny.

Miss Vicki said...

I could eat both loaves of bread right now!! I loved that little pharmacy-they are so friendly and helpful! Oh, I just love the way babies look when they stretch!

erin said...

I'm glad that you're increasingly happier with the city although I always wish you could live closer to me. Like next door.

He's sooo cute. Peter makes a similar face waking up.


Tara Whalen said...

I just want to kiss his little face!

Robyn said...

you will, Tara! you will!