Thursday, June 26, 2008


I keep reading about other people's love of summer. About how they are trying to squeeze out every bit of goodness they can in the three months of summer. And I am trying to figure out how to make it through without the heat and humidity wiping me out and taking me down.

I like summer in other places. I don't like it in New York. Summers in New York are stinky and sticky. Summers in Massachusetts however (I'm not sure if you have caught on to this....but Massachusetts, specifically North of my personal Zion) are cool and breezy and no one really has or needs air conditioning. Can you imagine? Not needing air conditioning? On the really hot days you just head for Walden Pond and swim in the middle of the woods that Henry David Thoreau used to wander. And you probably stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way for an iced coffee. And your friend Erin brings her goggles and lets you borrow them so you can study the murky depths of the pond and then you can look as cool as she does.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a place where I have a much healthier perspective of New York versus Zion, um, Boston. I don't sit around waiting to pack my boxes like I used to. I'm okay here. I'm making friends and making pies and giving pie to friends. But, on days like today, when I feel like I am sitting around in a wet swimsuit because the humidity is so thick, I wish I really were sitting around in a wet swimsuit. A swimsuit wet with fresh pond water.

And maybe even sporting very cool goggles.


Firefly said...

What a pretty pie!

Melissa said...

It's funny to me that when you dream of being on the North Shore of Boston, you want to go to Walden Pond instead OCEAN!!! Singing Beach!?

Besides my family, the ocean is the missing piece in Western Mass for me.

Robyn said...

I know what you mean, Melissa. I love the ocean too. But Walden Pond is free, you sit in the shade when you are not swimming (under all those trees) and no salt water. Love those perks! I've never been swimming in the ocean in Mass. But I go all time on the Jersey Shore. I wonder why...

erin said...

That pie is amazing! Today I baked too. I made brownies from a box and stuck mini reeces pb cups in them. I'm hoping I can come out and see you this summer to sample some real baking.


p.s. thanks for thinking my goggles are cool.

Miss Vicki said...

That pie looks gorgeous! Oh, did the cherries stain your cutting board? Did you use a cherry pitter?
Vermont is a cool place to spend summer as well. I love the heat and humidity of North Carolina though.

Nikki said...

North of Boston is my Zion, too. I am landlocked in PA - and I miss Tapas Corner.