Friday, July 25, 2008


In an article I read recently, the author said that her children 'were fully themselves from the moment they opened their eyes.'

This has not been my experience.

I often look at Isaac wondering who he is. Trying to pick up clues. So far I know that he likes his big brother (unless said big brother is putting toys on his face) and he likes his bath. He does not like the car seat during stop-and-go driving and likes to be worn in a sling, even during stop-and-go walking. All of these things were also true of Andrew (well, except for the big brother part...Andrew is the big brother), and are probably true of a lot of babies.

Sometimes I feel like I am watering a seed. And I am disappointed that it is still a seed. Don't get me wrong, I love my little seed so, so much...but I want to see more. Andrew is practically overwhelming with personality. I know exactly who Andrew is. But, Isaac, who are you?

I guess I feel like a little girl, suspended in a perpetual Christmas Eve, waiting to see what is under the tree. And this present is taking forever to unwrap.


kathj said...

the Layout looks great!

Holly said...

I know exactly what you mean about unwrapping the personality of our children and finding out who they really are...I often thought the same thing when Aiden was a baby-but now, I can barely contain him and although I love his energy and his charisma...sometimes, I really wish he were a baby again. And, I don't completely agree with that writer experience is that Aiden does, in fact, have some very strong personality traits that will probably always be with him, but I think he changes every day-as do I. I cannot say what Aiden will be or what he will do in the future based on his personality now-hopefully, he continues to grow and change and learn. And growing out of this terrible threes stage can't come soon enough!! LOL!

Carrie said...

I feel for you the wanting to know - mine seemed to come out who they were - the warblers are still warbling - even at 19! lol

Love the layout!

Nice pic of the family in sidebar too! :)

debs14 said...

Make the most of the baby & toddler years, my hair turns more grey daily thanks to my 18yr old son!
Love your layout, the printing onto parchment and overlaying it works so well.

Carrie said...

Hi! You've been tagged! Come see my post on the 27th! Hope you will play along!

Melissa said...

1. I KNOW! I love that Enzo is communicating with us now. Although sometimes I wish I could keep him at the stage that he's at, because I can already tell he might be a handful! He things it's really funny to do things that worry me.

2. What a cute baby you have.

Firefly said...

Robyn, I called Loba to get the scoop on your whereabouts. And learned you are living it up in your second-favorite state. Glad to hear it! Hope you have nearly (but not quite) as much fun as you do in New York.