Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have big boys.

I was in denial about this. I would think things like, "people just don't know what size children are." Women stop me in the grocery store to ask me how old Isaac is and then ALWAYS say, "wow. He's big." And I smile and don't really believe them. I think, "yeah, that's what they said about Andrew too. That's what they say about every baby."

When Andrew was an infant, I took enormous amounts of pride in his size. I was so, so proud that I gave birth to such a whopping lad and then plumped him up, nice and round, on mama's milk alone. Then Isaac, little one that he is, was born much smaller than Andrew. Well, 11 oz. smaller, which for a newborn, is a lot of ounces. I was worried that would happen. I knew that so much of my mama pride with Andrew was about his size. If Isaac didn't, um, measure up, would I still be proud of him? Turns out...I was!

So yesterday we went to the pediatrician. And the boys were weighed, among other things. Andrew weighs 36 pounds, the size of an average 4 year old. Isaac weighs 15 pounds, 6 ounces. The size of an average 6 month old.

Now, just wait one minute here. Andrew was my Amazon Boy. He is my future linebacker for the New England Patriots. But, then little tiny Isaac weighs more than Andrew did at that age.

I almost had myself convinced that my boys were average size, and to not get all excited. But then the nurse came in the room with Isaac's immunizations. And then she left, thinking she was in the wrong room. She poked her head in the door again, "Is that Isaac?" "yeah." "Oh. Here I was looking for a little baby. He's 2 months old?"

Maybe I do have two linebackers on my hands.

It's funny what moms take pride in.

White Chocolate and Strawberry Shortbread. word.


Susan said...

Joseph weighs 43 pounds and he won't be four for a few more months.
And Margaret who is, um, a LOT younger than Andrew. She already weighs 27 pounds.

I think those size charts are bogus.

But you still have a lot to be proud of :)

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you are proud. People say weird things in public. Everyone tells me (as if I wouldn't know) that Enzo is bigger than Atticus was at this age (which is exactly not true). Wonder why people like to comment on babies sizes...

My friend (Mason's Mom) had a very big baby (Mason). People commented all the time on how fat he was. Once, in a store, a woman said, "He's so big! I hope he's not fat when he grows up!" Ali's reply was, "I'd rather he grow up to be fat than rude!" I loved her response. (-:

P.S. And chris would be proud that you envision your boys to be Patriots players- staying with the New England teams!

Cat said...

I don't beleive it! It's almost as if I could write your blog! Jacob is 34 months old and he is 40inches and at least 40 pounds. People tell me that he looks like he's 4. I used to be scared that people would think he's "slow". When I see him running and hear him talking (non stop), I don't worry anymore. I have the secret dream that he'll play in the NBA!

Carrie said...

Oh cookies look yum!

erin said...

I want to eat those shortbread cookies, they look amazing. I love your strapping boys!

Mama V said...

That story about the nurse is a hoot!

Firefly said...

Isaac's huge.

Good job.