Monday, July 7, 2008

Isaac's Language: a glossary

Isaac doesn't say a whole lot. He chuckles occasionally at his silly big brother and coos adoringly at his mama. But every now and then he has a lot to say.

wahhhh!!!: I'm really tired.
wahh! wahhhhh!!!: Get me to bed!
wahhhhhh! wah!!!: I'm still awake!!! Help!!

I was thinking about this as I was getting him down for his nap just now. I was feeling so grateful about the development of language and coping skills as one gets older.

New York is a pretty sleepy city. There are always people sleeping on the subway. Bums, yes, but people decked out for work too. Business men fall asleep on the train dropping that day's edition of the Wall Street Journal to the floor. Kids sleep on the subway propped up by their heavy backpacks. I've fallen asleep on the subway, leaning against Dave, after a catching a movie in the city.

Anyway, what a wonderful gift that adults have the language to say "I'm tired." and the coping skills to think "3 more stops and I'll be home." Because if we all communicated our fatigue the way Isaac does, New York would be a great deal noisier than it already is.


Tara Whalen said...

Hey, cute card! Who is that for? hum....

erin said...

Hey I love your new blog title and the colors you used in this card. Also the pics of Isaac's belly.