Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a kind man

When I was in the 8th grade I had scarlet fever. It was Christmas. But, the small town doctor of our small town met us at his office to check me and give me the medicine I needed. My mom told me that he had offered to make a house call.

Dr. Elliot passed away this morning. A falling tree took his life as he was out chopping wood. He was found by his son, Matt. I went to high school with Matt and played in the jazz band with him.

I am thinking a lot about Dr. Elliot and Matt this morning. I did not know them very well. I guess I can't help but let their sad, sad story turn over in my mind. I feel especially for Matt. I can't imagine being the one to find my father. It must have been one of the hardest things he has ever had to do.

But when I think of Dr. Elliot, I feel, well, inspired. There is a whole town of people that have their own 'scarlet fever' stories. Stories of not only Dr. Elliot being a good doctor, but stories of him being a kind man. When I think of him this morning I want to shake his hand and say: Congratulations! You won! You did it! Your life was incredible. You meant so much to so many people. It's true that your time was too short and that you probably weren't done doing what you wanted to do. But when I think of what you did do, what you did squeeze in, and how you chose to live, as a servant, an adventurer, an intellectual... I can't help but wish the rest of us could live so well.


Shannon said...

Please give me the recipe for those muffins! We are going picking this week and would love to make some.

I'm sorry about your friend. I guess I should have said that first.

Tara Whalen said...

Very well said. Nice job Bob.

Miss Vicki said...

Thank you Robyn.

Loralee said...

So nice, Robyn. Thanks for writing this.